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Why are Java applications blocked by your security settings ?

Why java does not allow me to play games ?

My games are created with Java. Most of the phone games use the same technology.
Each new version of Java brings a change in the management of the security.
The security default settings of the last version of java block the browser's games.
ArcadeVillage is a safe place to play game.
ArcadeVillage's games never try to access to your computer.

To play the games, you have to add arcadevillage to the "Exception Site list" of the java plugin.

How to add Arcadevillage to the "Exception Site list" of the java plugin ?

Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start->programs->Java->Configure Java)
Click on the Security tab
Click on the Edit Site List button
Click the Add in the Exception Site List window

The screenshots are in French, because my computer and me are both living in Nice, France.
You have to enter the complete URL : ""
Arcade Village is now in your list 1999 - 2018