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Arcade Village is a safe place

I live here !

Arcade Village's games are using the java technology.
The security default settings of the last version of java block my games.
You can continue to use them by adding my site to the safe list of sites.
Java is now managed by the Oracle society ( ). For strategics reasons, the first is to get more and more money without seriously working, the java plugin had security problems from times to times.

Why games are blocked?

Each new version of Java brings a change in the management of the security. The security default settings of the last version of java block the games

My games never try to access your computer.
I make free games since 15 years. I do not earn money with my site. The advertisements serve only to pay the hosting costs. My only pleasure is to know that people play my games.

I live in Nice, in France. I am real person who makes games for the pleasure.

How to add Arcadevillage to the "Exception Site list" of the java plugin ?

Go to the Java Control Panel (On Windows Click Start->programs->Java->Configure Java)
Click on the Security tab
Click on the Edit Site List button
Click the Add in the Exception Site List window

Thank you in advance to make the effort and to continue to appreciate my work.

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