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Problem to run games with AOL / how to configure AOL to run online games

A quick solution when you have a problem with AOL and want to play your games :

That should work and you can go on playing until you find a solution to play within AOL.

What does SUN say about AOL ?

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The solution from SUN :

Start AOL
from the AOL menu bar
Select Keyword > Go to Keyword
type the keyword preferences
Click Go
Dialog box: AOL Settings: Customize your AOL Experience
Select Essentials tab > Internet (Web) Options - Set Web browser options and properties Dialog box: Internet Options

Select Security tab
Dialog box: Select a web content zone to specify security settings

Click Internet icon
Click Default Level (which sets the browser to Medium)

Select AOL Browser tab
Dialog box: Web Graphics: Do you want Web graphics to be compressed? This will display Web pages quicker.
Click Never compress graphics
Click OK
Close AOL
Restart AOL 1999 - 2019