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You say there is a new version of a game, but I still have the old's one ( 2007-04 )

To accelerate the time of loading from Internet, your browser keep on the disk a copy of the pages of the site where you navigate. This mirror on your disk is called the 'cache'.

When a game is updated on Arcade Village, you have to clear the cache to be sure the last version will be loaded from Internet.

If you have recent version of java, the java from Sun, you only have to clear the java cache : Right click on the java icone in your task bar and click on control panel.
Click on the parameter button in the ´Temporary Internet Files´ in the general tab.

The ´Temporary Internet Files´ dialog opens.
Click on ´Supress the files´ to empty your cache.

More information here :

If you have an old version of java, the Microsoft Virtual Machine, you have to clear the cache of your borwser. 1999 - 2019