Here is the daddy of The Sims and Animals from Animal Crossing. It is one of the first simulation based on intelligent agents. Each agent is a program which follows simple rules of life. Our agents live in a sugar field and have to survive by eating sugar. Each box in the space contains 0 to 4 servings of sugar. Sugar grows back regularly. The darker the box, the more sugar it contains. Each box accepts a maximum number of sugar.

You can see at the bottom of this page the process I followed to program them.
For more information on Sugarscape, visit wikipedia.
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Agents procreation

Reset parameters


The agents (Sugarscapiens)

The game will be enriched in stages. Every agent (called Sugarscapien) born with a field of view, sugar stock and metabolism.
To be continued...


An agent can have children if he is of the minimum age and has a certain amount of sugar. If he finds a partner of the opposite sex in an adjacent square, a new Sugarscapien appears.
At birth, this child inherits half of the sugar stock from his parents and their characteristics (vision, metabolism ...)

Starting parameters

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