Fight the aliens and stop them from collecting humans wandering on the surface to convert them into mutants.

If you destroy an alien after it has captured a human, you must catch the human and bring it safely to the surface, otherwise it will crash.
Be careful, if your speed is too high when you drop it, the human will crash to the ground.
When an alien transports its victim off-screen, the humanoid mutates and joins the alien force. When you hear a human screaming, look at the radar to find and destroy the kidnapper. Click here to play Defender


Defender was created by Williams Electronics in 1981 on an arcade machine. This game is the first to have introduced horizontal scrolling, with a playing area wider than the screen.
The discovery of Defender was a shock to me. I had never seen a game so fast, noisy and with so many enemies simultaneously.
The principe of the mutant zone, an another game universe, was also a real novelty. I had a lot of fun bringing this game back to life.

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