Missile Command

Your cities are under massive nuclear attack. To defend them, you have two anti-missile batteries.
Each battery has a limited number of ammunition. You can select only one battery at a time. All of your missiles will fire from this battery.
Click on the place in the sky where you want your missile to explode. It will then destroy all enemies within its range.

The number of enemy objects can scare, but remember that a well-placed missile can clear a large area. Click here to play MissileCommand

How to play


I discovered this game on the Atari 2600 in the 80s. It was a time when a nuclear confrontation between the USSR and the USA seemed possible.
This game was undoubtedly a way to ward off the fear that inhabited us.

The first version I programmed was more practical. The left mouse button sent the missiles from the left battery, the right button sent the missiles from the right battery.
I modified this mechanism so that the gaming experience is the same on computer and smartphone.
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