To complete a level, you must fill 75% of the playing surface in blue.
Each time you click the left mouse button, two lines run from the mouse position towards the edge of the screen.
Depending the mouse cursor, these lines try to join the top and the bottom of the screen or the left and the right.
If a ball hits one of the lines before it reaches the edge or a solid part, you lose a life. At the start of the level, the number of lives equals the number of balls. When a line reaches the edge or a filled area, it turns blue. All areas that do not contain a ball are filled. The game always shows the area percentage in blue. Click here to play CatchBalls

How to play

Changes from the original version

In my original version, the time to complete each level was limited. I took that stress away. We are here to think, in peace, about the best solution. 1999 - 2022