Is there a need to present the minesweeper game, whose origins date back to the 60s and 70s and popularized by Microsoft on Windows ?
I do !
The object of the game is to locate hidden mines by discovering the squares of a grid. When you flip a square : You can flag boxes containing suspected mines by clicking the right mouse button.
Once all the non-mine spaces have been discovered, the game is over and you have won. A counter tells you how long it took you.

The Minesweeper is downloadable as a Window app and is easily found on the Internet. I had programmed my version to give a javascript programming course. I still haven't written the course, but the game is here.
I will post the link on my blog when my course is ready.
For now, let's play!

Difficulty choice

How to play

Click using the left mouse button to uncover a box.
Click using the right mouse button to display a flag on the selected case.
Click a second time for a '?' and again to remove marks.
Click on the 'New game' button to start a new game.
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