Picross is a game created by Non Ichida, a Japanese graphic designer in 1987. She won a contest by lighting the windows of a building to draw.

The goal is to find the black boxes in each grid. The numbers given on the side and at the top of the grid give you clues. They indicate the size of the blocks of black boxes in the row or column on which they are located.

For example 3,4 to the left of a line indicates that there is, from left to right, a block of 3 black boxes then a block of 4 black boxes on this line. On the other hand, what is not mentioned and which makes the difficulty, is the number of white boxes between the black boxes. We just know that there is at least one. You can read the story of Picros on Wikipedia
The first Picross games (also called nonograms, hanjie, Japanese crosswords, etc) were on paper and this solution was often a picture, but they were quickly computerized.
If you have trouble grasping the principle of resolution, try the 5x5 board and you'll figure it out pretty quickly.

Game parameters

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