SOS Plumber

The cistern has just cracked. Using pipes, you must bring the liquid to the collector to avoid the escape. Unfortunately, the sections of pipes provided appear randomly and it will not be always easy to join the collector. More especially as the liquid quickly starts to run out.

Use the mouse to play. In the top right section of the screen you can see the section of pipe proposed. If you don't want it, click above to have another of them. If not, click on the cell or you want to place it. Another section will be automatically proposed.

When the two cisterns are connected, click on the button "Quick" to accelerate the movement of water and play the next level.

The liquid must arrive in the side of the collector where the lights are twinkling. Click here to play SOS Plumber

How to play


SOS Plumber is inspired by Pipe Mania (Pipe Dream), a puzzle video game developed by an English company, The Assembly Line, in 1989 on the Amiga. It is then found on most computers and platforms.

I discovered the game in its DOS version. Having lost it, I decided to develop a version in java in 2004. In 2022, I transcribe it in javascript to create a playable version online. 1999 - 2024