You control a handler who must arrange boxes on target boxes symbolized by red dots. It can move in all four directions, and push (but not pull) only one box at a time.
Once all the boxes are stored, the level is successful and you move to the next level, more difficult in general.
The ideal is to succeed with as few strokes as possible (movements and pushes).
Sokoban is a classic video game and you can learn more about its Wikipedia Click here to play sokoban Several collections of levels are available. I will add more in the future. Here is the list and their authors.
MicrobanDavid W. Skinner
MinikosmosAymeric du Peloux
NabokosmosAymeric du Peloux
Original Sokoban levels and extensionThinking Rabbit
100 BoxesFrançois Marques
Alphabet SoupMichael C Falk
This game is written in javascript. If programming interests you, I will write articles to explain its creation in my blog. Click here 1999 - 2024