V Bejeweled

The rule is quite simple : Swap two gems to align at least three gems of the same color.
If you align 4 gems, you obtain a super gem. When included in a group, a super gem destroy all the adjacent gems.
If you align 5 gems, you obtain a super sphere. When you swap a super sphere with another gem, all the gems having the same color are destroyed.

If you don't see any swap, you can click on the button '?'. A gem of a possible group will be shown but this operation costs 50 points.
You have a given time to make the maximum amount of point possible.

Play with sound


Play without sound

The time of loading will be 50% faster. Play without the sound if your connection is slow or if you play at the office and prefer discretion.


  • Click on the two contigues gems you want to swap
  • Align 4 gems to obtain a super gem
  • Align 5 gems to obtain a super sphere
  • Click on the '?' button to show a gem part of a solution
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