The purpose of this game is to fill 75% of the game area in blue.
Each time you click on the left button, two lines go from the mouse position to the border of the screen.
Depending the symbole of the mouse, theses lines try to join the top and the botton of the screen or the left and the right.
When a ball touches one of the lines before it reaches a border or a filled area, you loose a life. When the level begins, the number of lives is equal to the number of balls.
When the lines rich the border or a filled area, they become blue. All the area free of ball are filled. The game always display the percentage of filled area.

Start with two balls (Standard)


Start with ten balls ( good )


Play Catchballs for recent computers

If your computer is less than 10 years old, choose this version


  • Mouse's left button to launch the line
  • Mouse's right button, 'Space' key or 'Enter' key to change the lines direction
  • 'New game' to begin a new game.
  • 'Option' allows you to choose the difficulty ( from easy to hard ). Difficulty change the speed of the ball in the next game.
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