Dodgem is a 2-D maze racing game.
Drive your car through the maze to pick up the dots while at the same time avoiding the enemies. Once you removed all the dot, a new maze appear.

Enemies can change only one line at a time
When your speed is low, you can change two lines at the time
To press the "up key" make you go two times faster, but you will be able to change only one line at a time
Just take your finger off the "up key" button to deccelerate

Play with sound


Play without sound

The time of loading will be 40% faster. Play without the sound if your connection is slow or if you play at the office and prefer discretion.


  • Use the left arrow key to move left
  • Use the right arrow key to move right
  • Use up arrow key to move faster
  • Use the down arrow key to go down
  • If the game doesn't respond to keyboard input, click inside the game area !
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