You are a little fish. Your goal is to grow big by eating other fish and become the king of the deep ocean.
But be careful, the rules of the nature are the same for everybody, to not be eaten yourself by a bigger fish.

As a native of this environment, you already know :
Even when you are a baby, you will be able to eat the red fish.
You have a sixth sens and when a dangerous fish is near to you, a red rectangle including the fish appears in the bottom right of the screen.
A shark, is always dangerous, how big you are.

Good luck, little fish

This game is the tribute to Ari "the Flying Yogi" Feldman and his SpriteLib. Ari provides a free set of graphics ready to be included in non-commercial games. Thank you Ari !

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The time of loading will be 40% faster. Play without the sound if your connection is slow or if you play at the office and prefer discretion.

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