Train Attack

In a future without oil, troops of terrorists charge your city using trains. Place your units
of defense to destroy them before they reach your city.

Machine Gun, quick and not very expensive, ideal to begin
Light Artillery, more performant
Heavy Artillery, slow but very powerful
Howitzer, allow to attack several wagons at the same time
Missile launcher. long range and guided missiles
Hospital is a very interresting unit. It reconstructs the life of units in its scope. Hospital is the more expensive unit of the game
Arms factory, add firepower to units in its scope
Blast-Furnace, add armour plating to units in its scope

Play with sound


Play without sound

The time of loading will be 40% faster. Play without the sound if your connection is slow or if you play at the office and prefer discretion.


  • Buy a tower in the right menu and put it on the grid.
  • To choose a tower or an enemi wagon, click over.
  • A selected tower can be repaired or improved.
  • Click on your city to select it and to repair it. 1999 - 2022