Life on Mars

The story

In recent years, projects allowing life on Mars have multiplied. Even though we are still a long way from putting them into practice, humanity agrees that this goal is achievable. Mars has become the new dream destination. I decided to add a little to the dream by programming software that simulates the creation of a base on Mars.

In this simulation, the player is the leader of the base and makes decisions about the construction or use of buildings. I started from a few postulates.

The actual version

You can play the game but it is not (by far) the final version.

The main mechanics of the game are effective. Each building produces, consumes and can hire or fire staff. A shuttle departing from the Moon can bring new personnel to Mars or send them away. As you read these lines, the effect of Martian dust and weather on buildings is missing. A team should visit them regularly to keep them reliable. The morale of the population is not yet a factor which can vary and which influences the arrival and departure of new settlers.
And of course, all the graphics are to be created !

Your game

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