Life on Mars

The story

In recent years, projects allowing life on Mars have multiplied. Even if we are still far from putting them into practice, humanity agrees that this goal is achievable. Mars has become the new dream destination. I decided to add a little to the dream by programming software that simulates the creation of a base on Mars. Start Life On Mars

Read before you start

Life on Mars is a management game. To control the base, you must click on the buildings. When you click on a building, action buttons appear at the bottom of the screen. Each building has a specific function.


Each building produces or consumes resources. There are two resource families:
- Resources conveyed by cable or pipes (water, oxygen, energy). For this type of resources, you will need to tell the building who their supplier is.
- Transportable resources (regolith, food, ethernium). These resources are automatically transported to your building by trucks. You don't have to worry about it.


Each building requires a certain number of settlers to operate. In the future, the current trends have been exacerbated and the pollution is divided into three groups (alpha, beta, gamma). When you create a building, it will hire unemployed people. In the event of a staff shortage, you will have to make choices by deactivating certain buildings to bring new unemployed people into the labor market.

The shuttle

Regularly, a shuttle brings new settlers to your base. Some also decide to return to Earth. Make sure the colonists' morale is not too low.


Elon Omega Musk, improved man and immortal, is your boss. He regularly orders you tasks to perform. Make sure his satisfaction index doesn't drop to zero or the consequences will be terrible for you and your base.

Saving games

Games are saved automatically.


Check the blog to follow the evolution of the game.
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