Multi-players games

This page presents games to play with a friend. Arcade Village try to give a new life to theses games as a tribute of a time when we invite a friend at home just to enjoy the time playing on the same keyboard in front of the same screen.

If this section suits you, others games will be added.
If the game doesn't respond to keyboard input, click inside the game area !
Online Java game Air Battle

Air Battle

Stop talking. It's time to know who really is the best. Here is the first game for up to six players on the same keyboard. Each player has a plane and just one must stay in the sky.
Online Java game Tron


The famous Tron game. Use your motorbike to make a wall and make your opponents crash. Up to four players.
Online Java game Tanks arena

Tanks arena

One arena, four tanks. Just choose your tank, and that the best win !
Online Java game Cars race

Cars race

Who is the best racer ? Challenge with up to six opponents. The faster, the better !
Online Java game Pong4


The famous game Pong. From two to four players.
Online Java game Kickboxing


Kickboxing game for two players.
Online Java game Warlords


A version of the famous retro game Warlords. Protect your king from the ball sent by your enemies. From 2 to four players.
Online Java game Space Duel Reloaded

Space Duel Reloaded

Infinite space. A duel without mercy from two to four players. Choose your ship and that the best wins.
Online Java game OK Corral

OK Corral

This city is too small for you two. The problem can be solved with guns.
Online Java game Space Duel

Space Duel

Two opponents in the space. Choose one of the three differents ships and begin to fight. 1999 - 2019