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Modifications induced by my games.

The game is playable, even if it is not finished and the first modifications of my experience of the game appear.

The ambition of this game is to get closer to a possible base scenario on Mars and it is certain that, in reality, this implementation will take place over several years, even decades.

While playing, I realized that certain waiting phases became boring.
So I have :
- Shortened the duration of trips between the Moon and Mars
- Shortened the duration between two management requests.

Other news are:
- Settings in the consumption and production of buildings.
- A modification of the biomes and the creation of the decorations.
- 3D printer and regolith extractor now have graphics and animations.

My next step will be to create the graphics for the restaurant. Each building will then have its graphics, even if the 80's appearance may confuse some.

I will also make an effort on the sounds because the game is rather quiet. Maybe I'll add background music.

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